Tigers Academy at Townsend LTC

The Townsend Tigers Tennis Academy was established in 2006 by Matt Foster, LTA Performance Coach and Head Coach at the club. It’s aim and ethos is to cater for players aged up to 12 years who want to commit to a fuller programme, develop their tennis skills in a more performance orientated environment and achieve their full potential. The academy currently has over 20 players aged between 7 and 12 years who are playing and competing at least twice a week in addition to commiting to weekly individual coaching and buddy hits with a qualified Tennis Leader. Players are given their own performance goals which are reviewed and revised regularly. They are grouped into teams each term and compete at each session for points to win the Team Cup at the end of the term. Players are also awarded prizes for improved performance, attitude and results in competition.

Tigers Academy members should attend at least 2 academy sessions each week plus commit to alternate individual lessons and buddy hits although individual programmes can be arranged to cater for a players availability. Tigers are encouraged to play in competition at least once a month but preferably more than this.

All Tigers Academy players are required to be members of Townsend Lawn Tennis Club. They are also expected to observe a good sporting attitude, to try their best at all times and give 100% effort.

For further information on joining the Townsend Tigers call Matt on 07780 533337 or email us at matt.foster@townsendsports.co.uk