Doubles Box League

The doubles box league is back

The doubles box league will return this October 2018. Will last year’s winners, Marion Cook and Tom Kordel be victorious again or will we be crowning two new champions in 2019?!

For any new members or anyone not involved last time, the league…

  • Is open to all members of all standards
  • Is sociable and fun
  • You will play matches against players of your own level
  • Will run from October 2018 to April 2019, so is a great way to keep your eye in over the winter season
  • Is a great way to meet other members – you will play one doubles match with 3 different people each month.
  • Is organised online, making it simple and accessible.
  • Will have one male and one female winner at the end. The winner is whoever accumulates the most number of games over the 7 months.
  • Rules have been adapted slightly this year, introducing ‘live’ net cords on serves and a 5 point tie break should you reach 3 games all.

Please read on for the finer details!

Format: This is a double league and so you will be grouped with 3 other players each month.

  • The four players will agree to play at a fixed date/time.
  • Following a short knock up, each player will play a best of 7 game set with each of the 3 players, rotating after each set.
  • The ‘sudden death’ deuce rule applies on the first deuce (the receiver nominates which side the point is played)
  • If the serve clips the net and lands in the service box, there’s no let and the ball is in play. If you are playing doubles either the receiver or the receiver’s partner can play the return.
  • At 3 games all a tiebreak is played to 5 points. A deciding point will be played at 4 points all.
  • The format fits within a 90 minute period (so can be played under floodlights).
  • At the end of the match, the players tally up how many games they have won and enter their scores online (via a link shared on email each month)
  • The player with the most games will go up to the next box, the second and third players will remain and the player with the least games will drop down.
  • If two players have the same number of games and if time allows then they should play a tie break (to 5 points) to decide who goes up/down. If there is not time then a racket toss between the players will decide the outcome.
  • At the end of each month the scores will be recorded by the league organiser. The winner of the league will be the male and female who has won the most games across the 7 months.
  • If a player cannot play for any reason, please arrange for a substitute to take their place. The substitute’s score will not count toward the substituted players running games total.

Full details / rules of the league are as follows:

This is an online league, meaning the boxes, contact details, scores etc are all accessed / inputted online. A link will be available, allowing you to access the league at any time, from a smart phone, tablet, computer etc. Please note: If you wish to enter your scores
via a smartphone you will need to download the Google Drive App (free to download) or you can use a web browser on a tablet, laptop or desktop device.

  • It is a mixed sex, ability and age league, open to any full member aged 15 and over.
  • The league will run between October and April 2018.
  • The new boxes will be published on the first day of every month
  • You can play your match any time, outside of organised club play, including daytime and weekends (though there may be team matches on some courts at certain times)
  • If you choose to play under the floodlights, you should book and pay for the court as you normally would with the exception of Friday evenings. On Fridays the floodlights are free to encourage social play but Box League matches will take priority.
  • As this is a doubles format, the league only works with multiples of 4 players, so to avoid missing out, enter early! There will be a waiting list for any surplus players or anyone who wishes to join after the league has started.

For any queries please contact

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