Emergency Evacuation Plan

1. The action users should take if they discover a fire

Immediately operate the nearest alarm call-point.
Attack the fire if possible, with appliances available, without taking personal risks.

2. How will people be warned in the event of a fire

Automatic activation of the fire alarm via the smoke detectors
The fire alarm system will sound on operation of the manually operated alarm call-point.

3. How the evacuation of the building will be carried out

Everyone in the clubhouse should leave the building by the nearest exit door and report to the assembly point at the front of the building.

4. Identification of escape routes

All exit doors can be used as escape routes.

5. Fire fighting equipment provided

Fire extinguishers are located in circulation areas and near fire exit doors.

6. On hearing the alarm

All membersmust leave the building immediately via the nearest exit door and assemble at the muster point.
The Fire Brigade is to be called.

7. People with disabilities

People located upstairs with disabilities shouldexit via the balcony doors and onto the balcony
From there, if necessary, they will be physically assisted/carried down the stairs and to the assembly point.

8. How will the Fire Brigade and any necessary emergency services be called and who will be responsible for doing this.

On hearing the alarm if bar staff are present they will Dial 999 and ask for the Fire Brigade or other emergency service as appropriate.
If no bar staff are present, a member should dial 999 and ask for the Fire Brigade or other emergency service as appropriate.

9. Procedures for liaising with the Fire Brigade on arrival

The bar staff will act as point of contact for the fire brigade.
If no staff are present the most senior tennis or bowls member present will act as liaison officer with the fire brigade.

10. Training given to staff

Fire Drills to take place annually
All staff to have a Fire Briefing as part of their induction
Record of training to be kept and updated within Fire Manual/Log book